Horsin' Around Live Horsin' Around Live
Fletcher & Manzi's debut CD is an exciting collection of original songs that range from earthy blues, unbridled funk and radiant acoustic pop. Horsin' Around Live captures a magical live performance at the National Guitar Workshop in 2002.
This lively compilation also features amazing guest stars such as Harry Jacobson, Dennis McCumber, Rich Hinman on guitar, Pete Sweeney on percussion and Rick Tate on bass, plus the first recorded appearance of the Lou-ettes!
Titles include:
     1.  True Romance
     2.  One Step Forward
     3.  Girlfriend for One Day
     4.  Reaching Out
     5.  Me Am So Love You
     6.  Hot Dogs and Beans
     7.  No Such Thing as Love
     8.  Sugar Mama
     9.  The Bootie Song
     10.  Young and Lucky
     11.  Better 2 B Blue
     12.  Too Damn Hot

Rob Fletcher Rob Fletcher
Rob's first solo 14-song demo was recorded in the Adirondacks in the fall of 2000. The only place to find "Cowboy Classified", "Too Beautiful" and "Remember to Forget", as well as 11 others. Only a few left!
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