"Your book is a fine piece of work - relevant, evocative and stirring."
-Roger Mudd
The History Channel
"The Fletchers' book is a fitting tribute to our Nation's veterans. The images and words contained in these pages are a reminder of all that has been sacrificed in the name of Freedom. Remembrance is a vivid illustration that Freedom is not guaranteed. There is a price to pay. The price is paid in blood, sweat and tears by both the men and women who serve in uniform and by their friends and family left behind at home."
-Congressman Walter B. Jones, North Carolina
Member of the Committee on Armed Services
"The artwork is emotionally moving and the historical accounts are extremely informative and thought provoking. Recognizing the ultimate sacrifices of our men and women in the uniformed services and the citizens left behind to pay tribute to them, have all contributed to the generations of our sountry. Great book!"
-Colonel Ronald E. Elliott
U.S. Army, retired
"Your artistic tribute to America's veterans is much more than beautiful art; it is a moving testimonial to the sacrifice generations of veterans have made to protect the liberty all Americans cherish. I know that many people will draw inspiration when they look at your paintings depicting the ultimate sacrifice. May Remembrance serve to educate young Americans as to the very great price of freedom."
-New York State Assemblyman Howard Mills
"Remembrance deftly captures the integral relationship of the soldier to community. Each scene reminds us of the service member's role to defend and protect American values and freedoms and to make it possible for others to share them as well."
-Captain Kevin V. Doell
Military Intelligence, U.S. Army
"Remembrance presents a wonderful, telling tribute to those who have given so much for our country and for the freedom of people around the globe - and for those who are at this troubled but brave time still putting their hearts and lives on the line for us all."
-Senator Thomas P. Morahan, New York
"It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt who once said, "Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget, in time, that men died to win them." Artist Bob Fletcher intends us that we should not forget. This book reminds us that the stories of those who won the freedoms that we cherish are all very human stories."
-Dr. Duncan T. Trueman
Chaplain, 106th Infantry Division Association
"...it has been my duty all too often to render military funeral honors to a departed service person. Remembrance is a most fitting tribute to the living veterans who are still among us. And it is a magnificent memorial to more than two centuries of our nation's service dead... I write on behalf of literally millions of past and present armed service people as I thank you and your son..."
-Lieutenant-Colonel Russell M. Long
Chaplain, US Army, retired
"Remembrance is a wonderful tribute to all of America's veterans."
-Richard Kolb
Publisher and Editor in Chief, VFW Magazine
"I was very touched by your paintings depicting the honor and integrity of our nation's veterans. Remembrance will enable generations of all ages to find appreciation and gratitude for our fallen heroes. The combination of your illustrations and your son's rhetoric make Remembrance a distinguished tribute to all veterans."
-Congressman Ben Gilman (New York)
Chairman of House International Relations Committee, World War II Veteran
"Thank you for all your dedicated service on behalf of our country's veterans. I feel it is imperative to recognize these men and women for all that they have done to keep America 'the land of the free'. We must remember the veterans who have paid for America's freedom with their service, their sacrifice - and far too often - their blood."
-Representative Christopher H. Smith (New Jersey)
Chairman, House Committee on Veteran's Affairs
"Remembrance is captivating. The paintings depict a very real and important part of military life. Fletcher's artwork is a tribute to veterans and epitomizes the ultimate sacrifice. Americans who have served in uniform will easily identify with your artwork just as they do the motto of the United States Military Academy: 'Duty, Honor, Country'."
-David M. Reel
Curator, West Point Museum, U.S. Military Academy
"Upon receiving the book the first word that came to mind was 'Beautiful'. Well done. Outstanding works of art! I hope Remembrance makes all that see it remember the tremendous sacrifice all our Veterans made by giving their life so we can live free in this beautiful country, and the continuing sacrifice that is made by their families who live with the grief of losing their loved ones every day of their lives."
-Deputy Chief Joe DiBernardo
Division Commander, 6th Division, Fire Department of New York, Vietnam Veteran
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