Remembrance: A Tribute to America's Veterans is a 152-page hardcover book of beautifully-detailed paintings of veterans and military funerals from all of America's armed conflicts. Each of the 44 precisely detailed watercolor paintings and 19 pencil drawings are accompanied by historical text as well as inspirational quotes and poems. Remembrance provides a new perspective on every war in our nation's history, and a view of veterans' lives that has never been seen before. The artist, Robert A. Fletcher, is a Korean War veteran; the text was written by his son Rob.
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Accolades for Remembrance have come from all segments of America's active and retired military, congressmen and educators. More comments from readers are available on the News Page.
"Remembrance is a wonderful tribute to all of America's veterans."
-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Richard Kolb, VFW Magazine
"I was very touched by your paintings depicting the honor and integrity of our nation's veterans. Remembrance will enable generations of all ages to find appreciation and gratitude for our fallen heroes. The combination of your illustrations and your son's rhetoric make Remembrance a distinguishable tribute to all veterans."
-Congressman Ben Gilman, New York
Chairman of House International Relations Committee, World War II Veteran
"In these starkly vivid and deeply human images of Americans mourning and honoring their veterans from the Revolutionary War to the current struggle against terrorism, Robert and Rob Fletcher - father and son - have reminded us that the fallen guardians of our country must never be forgotten."
-Dr. Richard W. Hull, Professor of History, New York University
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